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Thermoforming Procedure

Thermoforming offers many advantages in flexibility, versatility, precision, consistency, turnaround time, and total cost. Thermoforming achieves what used to be impossible. If you can imagine it, we can create it in plastic.



Vacuum thermoforming allows fine detail, varied texture, and superior finishes. The process involves a preheated sheet of plastic placed on top of a mold. A vacuum quickly removes the air between the material and the mold, forming the piece into the desired shape. This process is cost-effective with a rapid turnaround due to the low tooling costs and design flexibility.


Pressure thermoforming is a development from vacuum forming, enabling a finer level of precision and detail, producing components with improved tolerances, lower residual stress, and an esthetic quality that equals injection molding – but at a much-reduced cost.


Twin-sheet thermoforming allows encapsulation of a space, such as a base metal or insulation, produces components with different colors, structurally solidifies parts, and improves the strength and stability of hollow shapes.  Comparable to blow-molding and roto-molding, this process offers many possibilities and options while being cost-effective.

Forming the future together

Leading global organizations have placed their confidence in Plastik MP to provide thermoforming solutions for over 15 years. As part of the Plastitel Group since 2021, we remain dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. With expanded resources, a diverse team with over 150 years of experience, and a dispersed manufacturing division network, we have enhanced agility to supply products and solutions to meet your needs.

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