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Our mission is to provide our clients with thermoformed plastic products of the highest quality and value while providing world-leading customer service, research and development, manufacturing, and resilient operations.


The company works to preserve its local environment. When designing products and recycling plastic. To establish a GHG balance and thus reduce its carbon footprint by 2030 and despite beliefs about plastic, these types of material, at Plastik MP is used for sustainable and ecological products in our everyday environment.

Technical advantages

Plastik MP experience dates from the early ’90s working with the top 100 OEM manufacturers throughout North America. Their expertise and know-how were the decisive factor in our 2021 acquisition adding them to the Plastitel Group roster.

The synergy of the Plastitel Group allows our clients to benefit from a superior technical advantage, our Research & Development people continuously pool their knowledge & skills complete & improve every single project.


We are committed to providing continual customer satisfaction at all levels. Implementing a lean production management standard ensures we produce the highest quality products and services, reduce waste, lower costs, and lessen the impact on the environment.

Forming the future together

Leading global organizations have placed their confidence in Plastik MP to provide thermoforming solutions for over 15 years. As part of the Plastitel Group since 2021, we remain dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. With expanded resources, a diverse team with over 150 years of experience, and a dispersed manufacturing division network, we have enhanced agility to supply products and solutions to meet your needs.

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